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The main building of Institute is a peaceful homebase in the heart of Antigua. It’s a beautifully restored colonial building with a central garden and fountain for students to enjoy. We also have a second building, just a half-block away, with an incredible view of the city from its rooftop terrace along with plenty of study space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 

The city of Antigua is situated at 1,500 m (5,000 ft) above sea level in the central highlands of Guatemala, just 45 minutes south of the capital, Guatemala City.

The Central Park is the heart of Antigua and it's always bustling with locals and international visitors all year-round. The town is most famous for its well-preserved architecture, cobblestone streets, and colonial ruins—so much so that the entire city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antigua also offers a wide variety of great restaurants and an active night life. 

The Central Park is the heart of Antigua and it's always bustling with locals and international visitors all year-round. The town is most famous for its well-preserved architecture, cobblestone streets, and colonial ruins—so much so that the entire city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antigua also offers a wide variety of great restaurants and an active night life.


What you can do? STUDY, TRAVEL & WORK!!!

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INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS programs provide unique opportunities to gain professional work experience in Latin America—building expert-level skills in Spanish and your area of study.

Internship projects include: Anthropology, Education, Human Rights, Hospitality & Tourism, Medicine, Micro-Business, Special Education, and Veterinary Science. Internships can also be customized to fit individual student goals. Internship programs are available from 4-16 weeks and can be completed with or without academic credit. Interns are assigned an incountry Academic Advisor and must complete final project requirements.

Internships are available during Fall and Spring semesters as well as during Summer terms. Internships are also available on an open-enrollment basis beginning every Monday year-round.



  • EDUCATION -  Interns work with K-12 teachers in public or private bilingual schools assisting with instruction, lesson planning, and classroom management. Interns are also assigned their own lessons to plan and teach.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS - Placements are with community organizations, NGOs, and government agencies. Interns work with professional change agents focused on empowerment and social justice. Work may include outreach, research, and fundraising. High intermediate Spanish is required.
  • HOSPITALITY & TOURISM - Placements are with small tour operators, boutique hotels, and travelers’ hostels. Interns work to help improve international marketing, sales, and service. Work may include daily operations along with online marketing and English language training.
  • MEDICAL - Interns shadow a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional. Responsibilities depend on experience and Spanish language skills. Work may include triage, check-ups, elderly care, medication, and patient records. High intermediate Spanish is required.
  • MICRO-BUSINESS - Placements are in small, local companies in Marketing, Sales and Client Service, or Accounting. Work is focused on helping entrepreneurs improve operations and expand capacity to serve international clients. High intermediate Spanish is required.
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION - Interns work as teachers’ aides in private schools and assisted living facilities helping with instruction and classroom management. Interns work with students who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or developmentally  disabled. High intermediate Spanish is required.
  • VETERINARY SCIENCE - Placements are with veterinary doctors and small clinics where interns assist in primary animal care. Interns may also prep animals for surgery, monitor post-op recovery, collect data, and update records.

Volunteer Abroad programs provide unique opportunities to live and work internationally while giving back to the global community and immersing yourself in the local culture. Volunteering abroad is a lifechanging experience where you expand your world perspective in a away that could never be achieved in a classroom. Institute is the local organization in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru—we’re the feet-on-the-street, live here, work here people that provide real opportunities to make a difference and have impact.


Volunteer Abroad

  • ANIMAL CARE - Animal care projects work with abandoned dogs and cats, rescued horses, reptiles, and alpacas. Volunteers can get involved in private and public rescue projects and university zoos. Volunteer work includes feeding, exercising, grooming, and medical care.
  • CONSERVATION - Conservation projects include jungle conservation in Peru, beach conservation in Costa Rica, and various reforestation programs. Note that conservation sites are usually based in rural settings away from institutes. 
  • CONSTRUCTION - Construction is one of the highest-impact programs available! All construction projects are led and organized by our professional local foreman. Volunteer work is demanding including excavation, painting, mixing cement, laying brick,  plastering, and various other activities.
  • ECO-AGRICULTURE - Eco-agriculture projects work with sustainable farming communities in Costa Rica and Guatemala. Volunteers work with local coffee growers and learn sustainable coffee production from bean to cup. Volunteers may also work on  organic or permaculture farms growing macadamia nuts and mushrooms.
  • INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES - Volunteers take part in a cultural immersion experience living and working with indigenous communities in Costa Rica, Guatemala or Peru. Based in rural, semi-off-the-grid villages, volunteers work and live with a local family-caring for animals, helping with agricultural work, assisting with basic construction, and teaching English at the local school. Note, work varies based on seasonal needs. 
  • MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE - Volunteers work alongside medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities. The level of work depends on education, experience, and Spanish language skills. Work may include medical campaigns,  triage, check-ups, medication, and patient records. 
  • SEA TURTLES - Volunteers work to protect sea turtles, decrease hatchling mortality, and help with beach clean-up. Sea turtles play a key role in ocean ecosystems in Costa Rica and Guatemala on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Turtle projects are located in rural settings away from institutes. 
  • TEACHING ENGLISH - Volunteers work with local teachers and may also run their own classes at schools and community centers. Projects are with children and teens during the day and with adult learners in the evening. 
  • WORKING WITH KIDS - Volunteers work in community centers, daycare programs, and schools. Volunteers assist local staff to provide a supportive environment for abandoned children and those suffering from poverty and neglect. Work involves playtime  activities, sports, tutoring, as well as cleaning and hygiene.

TEFL Certification program is an intensive, university-level course that certifies you to teach English anywhere in the world! Our internationally-accredited TEFL is a life-changing experience—it’s fun, intense, and one of the best learning experiences of your life!

The TEFL program focuses on practical teaching, classroom management, and lesson planning with lots of opportunities for aspiring teachers to hone their skills. The TEFL Certification program is available as a 4-week, 150-hour in-class course, online only course, or Hybrid online-onsite course.

Specialized TEFL certifications that help aspiring teachers expand their career opportunities are also available. TEFL graduates secure paid teaching positions in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East.


Teaching English to non-native speakers requires specialized knowledge and techniques. This takes study, practice, and expert feedback. TEFL certification teaches the theories, methodologies, and skills you need to feel confident in front of an ESL classroom. You also get important feedback on your teaching style and what it takes to be a professional ESL teacher. TEFL certification is an intensive program and you should be prepared to work hard both inside and outside of class.


Institute offers specialized certificate programs in Teaching Business English, Teaching English Exam Preparation, Teaching Young Learners, and Teaching English Online. These add-on TEFL certifications help ESL teachers improve their career opportunities and salary potential. All specialized certifications are available online with personalized coaching included.


Short-term and semester-long study abroad programs are available during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms. Students can earn 12-19 credits per semester; 3 credits during the Winter Term; and up to 6-12 credits during the Summer Term. Students join an international cohort of up to 25 people in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. Lower division students take general education (GE) courses, while upper division students focus on specific courses in their major. Fall and Spring semesters include a minimum of 2 Spanish language courses, 2 general education or 2 specialized subject courses, followed by a 7-week international internship or service learning program. Summer and Winter term programs are also available.


Spanish courses are available for travelers and language lovers, as well as university students. We offer both small group classes and 1-on-1 private lessons for all levels ranging from Beginner Spanish to Advanced and Fluency. Maximo Nivel also offers customized Spanish programs, specialized tutoring, Medical Spanish, and Business Spanish. Advanced university courses including Latin American Civilization & Culture, Conversation & Composition, Advanced Spanish Grammar, among others, are also available.

- Basic (A1)
- High Basic (A1)
- Pre-Intermediate I (A2)
- Pre-Intermediate II (A2)
- Intermediate I (B1)
- Intermediate II (B1)
- Advanced I (B2)
- Advanced II (B2)
- Fluent I (C1)
- Fluent II (C2)

Jana Priebojová

Jana Priebojová
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